Seventh Street Development Committee


The Organization Committee

The Organization Committee does just what it says – they keep us all organized. These are the people who keep the lines of communication open; between the committees, between the committees and the board, between the SSDC and other organizations. The Organization Committee puts out the quarterly newsletter that keeps the community informed about what’s happening on 7th Street and what’s going on at the SSDC. It is also the Organization Committee that works to recruit volunteers and recognize them for their hard work. They are also involved in fundraising and the development of action plans for the future of our group.

Committee Chairman: Kattina Barsik

The Design Committee

The Design Committee deals mostly with the physical appearance of 7th Street. Working with the state, they developed the design guidelines used by the façade program for the restoration of the historical buildings on the street. The Committee I also deeply involved with the greening of 7th Street, working on everything from planters to planning gardens to public art. The street is being enhanced even further with the visual merchandising of window displays, holiday decorations, banners, and lighting. All this and more shows how good design can convey a message about what 7th Street is and what it has to offer.

Committee Chairman: Deborah Rabinski

The Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee works with Design and Organization to spread the word about all the spectacular things happening on 7th Street. They organize special events designed to bring people into the center city area as well as working on retail promotions to get people into our restaurants and shops. So far, the annual calendar of events developed by the Promotions Committee includes the Shakespeare on 7th, Day of the Dead Fest, Make 7th Street Sparkle at Christmas, and various greening activities on Earth Day in the spring. And there is more to come…..!

Committee Chairman: Daniel Sottile


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